Optima Difference

“Dr. Edwards was the most pleasant dentist I have ever experienced the pleasure of meeting. His approach to dental care is everything I have been looking for! He is more thorough in searching for causes of teeth and jaw issues than any other dentist I have ever visited,

including the very high-end ones. I am highly recommending this man

to everyone that I know! — Kacey Z.”

Why Optima?

Most dentistry operates via a disease/repair model of care.  You have a problem and the dentist fixes it, only to return at your next visit and have more problems.  “Health” may be on the practice letterhead, but it’s not in the philosophy of care.  At Optima Dental Group, we approach things a little differently — we include you in the conversation and the planning of your care.  We address short-term concerns while building a foundation of health that can last a lifetime.  Stop wasting money on treatments such as crowns and bridges if your gum health isn’t stable or you’re battling decay.  If you want to get off the hamster wheel of traditional dentistry then Optima Dental Group is the right place for you.


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